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True Balance is in Transition…
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True Balance believes healing can take many paths.  At this point in time, we are undergoing transition. All of the previous professionals associated with TBCC have moved onto online teletherapy due to the coronavirus and are operating independently. We no longer have the membership aspect of our services and you can find these therapists individually.

Coming soon… we will have a limited number of professionals to offer support for families, individuals, children, and teens. We are hoping to offer groups and other supportive services including video trainings for parents and individuals who want to explore a variety of mental health topics.

Meet the Instructor

Vivian L. Morgan


Vivian Morgan has been working with children, young adults and families for over 25 years and is currently in private practice in Towson MD. She is the owner of True Balance Counseling Collective. She has been utilizing EFT in her practice for over 5 years and has helped instruct, inform, and promote the use of EFT for emotional reactivity, stress, anxiety, and trauma. She has completed the Level 1 Certication through EFT Universe, and has taken over 32 hours of EFT training. She presented an Introduction to EFT at the Maryland Counseling Association’s Annual Conference in October 2020. She is working towards her certification in EFT through the Association of Energy Psychology. Vivian utilizes mindfulness and trauma informed, as well as, client centered practices, along with CBT, brain based counseling, sand tray therapy. She incorporates a family systems lens when working with children and family of origin issues.

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How to access our Zoom workshops

There are two ways to view our live Zoom workshops. If you are having trouble logging in, please refer to the instructions below.

Log in via link from email

When you registered for our Zoom Workshop, you should have received an email from Vivian Morgan with access information. I looks something like this:

  1. Make sure you have Zoom installed on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Simply click on the link that says “Click Here to Join“.

You most likely will not need to enter the passcode since Zoom’s unique link already has it embedded. There are some instances where you Zoom will ask you for the passcode. The passcode is in the same email right after the “Click Here to Join” link.

Please note that these emails are unique to your registration, so it is not possible to share the access information with anyone. 

Log in through our website

In the event that you lost your Zoom email, you can still login through our website. Follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you have Zoom installed on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Login into your account
  3. If you were already redirected, please go to your Account Dashboard where you will see all the classes you registered for, similar to this page:
  4. Find the class you registered for and click on that link. You will be directed to the course page. You will see a Zoom link to the workshop on the right sidebar. Or if you are on a phone, scroll all the way to the bottom. Then click on the Zoom link. See this example below:
  5. Once you click on the Zoom link you will see this page:
  6. Your username should automatically be populated in the top field. YOU WILL NEED TO ENTER THE ZOOM PASSCODE in the bottom field. TBTI will send you two reminder emails that will include the passcode. If for some reason you do not have the passcode by the time the class starts, please contact us immediately.
  7. After you entered the passcode, You have the option to view the Zoom presentation through our website by clicking on JOIN VIA WEB. If you click on JOIN VIA APP, your Zoom application will launch.

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