Welcome to True Balance!

True Balance Counseling Collective is the right place to find support, guidance, and informed compassion with our team of helping professionals . We are some of the most experienced and talented mental health and relationship support in the area, with advanced training and years of experience in the work that we love. You will find many skilled professionals under Meet Our Team of Professionals page. Take a look and see who might be the best fit for you!


Networking for Therapists and other Helping Professionals:

True Balance Counseling Collective can offer a pathway to richer more fulfilling professional connections, with people in your field or with other helping professionals. If you think this is a good fit for you, contact Vivian Morgan, MS, LCPC. We are now an invitation-only collective, seeking only those professionals with whom we have some working knowledge of their level of expertise and professional vision.  This level of professional knowledge allows us to preserve the harmony of our collective. 

Our Mission: To provide an online and on-site support network for helping professionals in the Baltimore area and surrounding counties.

We, in this field, know how to help others. We care and we are committed and can share this commitment with a wider group of therapists, helping professionals, and clients, than you could possibly reach on your own.

The vision for True Balance is for professionals to discover a supportive place where healing professionals can meet, group, and find common ground in providing the care they believe in.  See our subscription page for more information on what membership offers. 

Please contact Vivian Morgan for more information about this collective and how you can be part of this vision.

Feel the energy of collaboration!