Balanced living is true living.

Has life become overwhelming?

At True Balance Counseling we understand that life can be difficult and that everyone struggles from time to time. Let us offer you support as you move through these difficult times toward a greater understanding of yourself, others, and your relationships in the world. 
It is our philosophy that we are meant to help each other, and that not only can we learn from our greatest struggles, but that they can reveal strengths that we perhaps didn’t know we possessed. We all have purpose and potential in this life. If you are struggling to find yours, let us support you on your journey.

How We Can Help?

True Balance Counseling is a collective of trained and informed professionals who love the work they do and are passionate about helping others. Each professional has their own talents and offerings within their own unique private practice. In the True Balance Counseling Directory you will find supportive counseling and therapy for all ages moving through all stages of life. Please take your time and review the members in our directory to find one that will best serve your needs.

Therapist Directory

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Amanda Chenkin


Amanda specializes in working with those who:

  • Are looking for Career Counseling
  • Are struggling with stress
  • Have difficulty managing depression and anxiety
  • Want to explore Work-Life Integration
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Stephanie Streckfus


Stephanie specializes in work with:

  • Children who present with emotional or behavioral concerns
  • Children suffering from anxiety or depression
  • Family support and interventions
  • Adults who are struggling with trauma, anxiety or depression
Learn More About Stephanie Streckfus
"The whole is more than the sum of its parts"
- Aristotle
You are more than what happened, more than what you are feeling, more than your thoughts. Therapy offers space to discover this wholeness.

important things you should know


Look through the list of potential therapists for one who works with the age of the person needing support, and/or offers the type of support you are looking for. This list will be expanding in the months to come, so please check back if you are not finding the professional you are looking for right now.

If you are doing your best to manage life stressors and events, and are still having a lack of sleep or difficulty eating, ongoing irritability or anger with others, difficulty sustaining meaningful relationships, difficulty with self-care or self-management, then you likely need additional support to move forward. 

When we are struggling with events in life, or with the way we process events, it can be essential to have a supportive ear. Holding space for our clients assumes that our clients know what their needs are and are capable of finding new ways to see their relationships. Holding space allows for our clients to be seen and heard – and this is critical to personal discovery.

Some folks may need support, but are unwilling to accept it. If you are in a position where you are ready to try a different way to interact with life stressors, then therapy will be of great benefit to you. Even committing to enter into a therapeutic relationship is a signal that you are opening up to seeing or thinking differently!

The therapeutic relationship has been said to be the most important aspect of the therapy process. From this place of connection we draw inferences about our lives, feel supported and valued, and can move in new directions. 

Each therapist will have contact information listed. You may email or call the therapist to schedule an appointment. Some therapists offer free initial consultations to make sure it is the “right-fit”!