Helping Professionals

color-head-shotBill Denison: Life Coach

It has been Bill’s passion to work with people. With a degree in Philosophy & Religion, he has experienced a life’s worth of transformation through the deep personal interactions he’s had with a wide range of people. His coaching practice exists to help others successfully navigate transitions in their lives in ways that take them deeper into themselves and then back into their families and communities with new found vision and passion. Hence his mission is to to create loving and joyful community by inspiring lives of freedom and authenticity with compassion, humor and grace.

Bill comes to Shadow Work® Coaching with a deep love of personal growth and transformation. He lives in Towson, MD with his wife and dog and cat. Bill also enjoys hiking when not chasing the grandkids around the yard.


Click for information about Shadow Work® Coaching  or you may contact Bill at or 443-794-9828.