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Gilbert Bliss, LCSW-C

Gil Bliss has a private practice in Towson. Gil believes in a relational approach to psychotherapy, which involves a deep and evolving relationship between him and his clients. Gil has worked in the Maryland prison system as a counselor, and worked in both the VA mental health system and a mental health clinic in Pennsylvania. He was a medical social worker with a hospice agency, finishing his experience there as the agency’s head of bereavement care. He sees adult individuals, couples and families in his practice

Location:   200 East Joppa Road
Suite 206
Towson, Maryland 21286


Jeanne Deignan-Kosmides, MS, LGPC, NCC, I-AYT, RYT-500

Jeanne is a counselor, Kripalu senior level yoga and meditation teacher, Phoenix Rising yoga therapist, homeopath and Bach Flower practitioner. She provides compassionate counseling for people facing mental health challenges due to transitions, relationship challenges, trauma, grief and other life events. Jeanne incorporates yoga and mindfulness techniques into the counseling sessions when appropriate. With over 20 years experience in yoga, meditation and alternative healing Jeanne’s counseling and teaching brings a broad, warm and unique quality of experience, knowledge and nurturing support to her work.

Location:   3701 Old Court Road
Suite 3 (upstairs)
Pikesville, Maryland 21208


Mary Sue McCarthy, MS, LCPC
Trauma Informed Psychotherapist
EMDR Therapy

Mary Sue works with couples and adults with concerns related to addictions, codependency, relationships, and co-parenting challenges, as well as, issues including PTSD, with a specialty in working with first responders like paramedics.   Complex developmental trauma, can also be successfully treated by EMDR, unrelenting anxiety, chronic depression, and grief.

Informed by a neurobiological approach to trauma treatment, Mary Sue’s practice blends several therapies including an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing),  IFS/Parts (Internal Family Systems Parts work) and Structural Disassociation Theory.  To further deepen her practice in trauma resolution, she currently is training to become a Level 1 Sensorimotor Therapist.

Currently in private practice in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Mary Sue welcomes clients 20 years and older for support with not only recovery from addictions and trauma, but also for relief from anxiety and depression. Prior to beginning her counseling career in 2013 as an addictions therapist, Mary Sue served as a Transformative Mediator and Educator for the Baltimore City Circuit Courts, Family Law Division, mediating high conflict custody and visitation cases. Seeking to increase her capabilities in providing reparative emotional experiences, Mary Sue returned to graduate school in her 50’s to obtain her Master’s degree in Counseling from McDaniel College.

Working in the field of addictions, Mary Sue quickly understood that substance abuse can often be a symptom of deeper concerns. Trauma can mean many things including loss of relationships, and community, accidents, divorce, major life disappointment, natural disasters, as well abuse, neglect and assault. Trauma is something that happens to a person leaving behind implicit,  disturbing memories, which may cause a person to feel overwhelming sad, fearful and alone.

Mary Sue accepts the following insurance: Most Blue Cross and Carefirst insurance plans, Aetna and Cigna.

Location:   25 Schilling Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland 2103

Vivian Vivian MorganMorgan, MS, LCPC 

Vivian works with children, teens, young adults, and families.  She has worked for agencies like Head Start, Kennedy Krieger, and Villa Maria providing compassionate care for over 25 years.  She moved into private practice in 2011 and specializes in ADHD diagnosis and coaching, stress management, anxiety, depression, improving family relationships, and family trauma. She considers the therapeutic relationship to be unique and positive, helping children and families move towards their full potential. Vivian offers mindfulness meditation, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, therapeutic movement (ie. qigong, yoga), along with art activities and sand tray therapy, to help her clients better understand themselves and manage strong emotions and behavior. She is certified in Family Trauma, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens. She also incorporates Emotional Freedom Technique, or “Tapping”, to help manage strong emotions and reduce triggers associated with trauma.

Her goal is to help families and children reach their full potential by increasing self-esteem, managing debilitating emotions, and healing wounds that prevent personal growth. Using a family centered approach, she often involves parents in the therapy process.

Location:    1300 York Road
Suite 240B
Lutherville, MD 21093

Mary B.  MaryBSeidelSeidel, MS, LCPC
MD State Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Certified Trauma Treatment

Mary has been a mental health therapist for 25 years who specializes in trauma, loss, addiction, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. She also works with individuals who suffer from the stress-related migraines, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal issues by helping them communicate with medical professionals.

She sees adults, couples, adolescents, and is open to all gender/sex identities. Mary provides her clients with a unique blend of cognitive/behavioral, psychodynamic, mindfulness, bibliotherapy and expressive techniques. She also provides community support and resource options to supplement their work together when appropriate.

Mary has a Certificate of Trauma Treatment from the University of Maryland School of Social Work. This enhances her skills in identifying and treating complex trauma and loss issues. She helps clients focus on their strengths to address mood disorders, isolation, addiction, dissociation, pain management, and post-traumatic symptoms.

Journaling is a tool Mary has been perfecting for years and uses often to access feelings that might not be revealed in a talking session. This can range from free-associative writing to poetry to short stories, as well as drawing, painting and collage.

Location:   204 E. Joppa Road
Suite PH-6
Towson, MD 21286

ariel sklarAriel Sklar, LCSW-C

Ariel Sklar is Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with adolescents and adults with a specialty in trauma and somatic work. She believes in an empathetic non judgmental approach to helping clients understand their behaviors.
Ariel uses various treatment modalities to understand patterns of behaviors and move forward. Sessions are used to explore uncomfortable feelings that drive behavior and learn ways to manage strong emotions and find balance. Her approach is supportive and collaborative.

Location:    1300 York Road
Suite 240B
Lutherville, MD 21093


“Mira” Mary E. Tessman, MA, LCPC 

Mira is a mindfulness-based clinical psychotherapist, certified meditation teacher, yoga therapist & yoga teacher.

Mira guides adults and couples in honoring their vulnerabilities in order to better access hidden strengths. Conscious awareness of the body, heart, and breath open pathways to greater insight, clarity, flow, and presence for managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, distraction, grief, compulsions, and relationship issues.  Mira offers private sessions and teaches public and private classes, workshops, and retreats.

Location:   1300 York Road
Suite 240B
Lutherville, MD 21093

20160909_131626Vicki Wasserman, MSW, LCSW-C

Vicki is passionate about her work with: Addicts navigating the road to recovery and beyond;  codependents wanting self-awareness and self-acceptance; and couples/families dissecting the dynamics in their relationship that trigger and contribute to problems. This is facilitated through individual, couples, family and/or group therapy.  The goal of treatment is to provide a safe environment to explore issues, behaviors and motives, without judgement. This allows the possibility to decide what changes to employ and how to do so. After over 15 years of experience in this field, along with a Master’s in Social Work and a degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling, Vicki continues to enjoy and learn everyday along with her clients.

Location:    1300 York Road
Suite 240B
Lutherville, MD 21093