Overview of EFT

This is a great overview if you are curious about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and how it might integrate into your practice, or if you have never really heard of EFT and want to see what it is all about. In this one-hour Overview of Emotional Freedom Technique, Vivian will briefly outline the history and […]

Advanced EFT

Using Emotional Freedom Technique with Trauma In this 4 hour presentation, we will examine the EFT protocol, its use to mitigate the reactivity of trauma and its application in treating trauma with clients. Specifically, 3 techniques will be reviewed, including global EFT or the  Tearless Trauma Technique, The Movie Technique, and the Tell The Story […]

Introduction to EFT

Participants will have a solid understanding of the mechanisms at work with EFT and how to use this with clients presenting with stress, mood disorders, and it’s potential use with trauma. Participants will understand how to apply EFT in their private practice by: Being able to list and identify research to the practice of EFT […]