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Using the Polyvagal Theory to Understand and Treat Clients During Times of Uncertainty and Isolation

Have you been curious about the Polyvagal Theory and it’s applications in our work? This theory is the science that underscores the somatic work we are doing. Linking theory to practice is the heart of what we do.

This training is designed to help clinicians treat clients during times of tremendous uncertainty, change, and isolation. The Polyvagal Theory will be presented as a framework for understanding and explaining a client’s unique response to real and perceived experiences of danger and safety during Covid 19. The training will also explore grief, loss, trauma, and accumulated stress to offer additional insights into how clients might be navigating this time. Concrete strategies will be offered to support clients, help them minimize their experience of danger, and maximize their sense of safety. It will  also acknowledge and address the possibility of therapists’ unsettled feelings caused by the very same sources of uncertainty. 


Polyvagal Primer

Presenter will offer an activity that can be used to create insight and coping mechanisms unique to the client. Purchase will include 1.5 hour video and activity sheets with 30 minutes set aside to complete the activity. Purchasers agree that they will complete the activity and quiz forwarded with the video. Learning objectives: Learn how the Polyvagal Theory provides a framework for understanding and treating clients who are experiencing the stress of Covid 19, and chronic stress, in their day-to-day lives. Gain an understanding of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and how it impacts the client. Revisit the trauma model to understand how clients can be triggered by current events. Gain concrete strategies for supporting clients as they navigate uncertainty, now and in the future. Understand the therapist’s role in providing services to clients while simultaneously experiencing similar uncertainties.


Workshop Trainer: Erin Hodge-Williams, MS, LCSW-C, Approved Clinical Supervisor
Erin Hodge-Williams, LCSW-C

Erin Hodge-Williams is a licensed clinical social worker with a master’s degree from theUniversity of Maryland School of Social Work. Erin has over 25 years of experience working with children, adults and families in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Erin practices therapy with the Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative in Towson. Her specialty is in addressing trauma; anxiety and depression; grief and loss; chronic/acute medical conditions; and life/career transitions. Erin utilizes a trauma informed approach integrating the Polyvagal Theory, ACT, CBT, and other client centered approaches. Prior to her work as a therapist, Erin was the executive director of Higher Achievement, a non-profit organization in Baltimore City serving middle school students and their families. 

What participants said about the Polyvagal Primer:

This workshop was very informative and gave some great tools for working with my clients. Topic was especially timely given the uncertain, unsettling times in which we find ourselves with this pandemic and political climate. Thank you!

Introduction to EFT: The Science and Benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique

Have you wanted to understand more about this mysterious technique that uses acupressure points to alleviate distress? This 3 hour introduction will be a prerequisite for the upcoming workshop Using Emotional Freedom Technique with Traumatic Events. In this video presentation we will examine the latest research on how EFT is used to address the stress response, mood disorders, trauma, its effects on the nervous system, and the use of EFT with a variety of populations and presenting issues. You will leave the presentation with information on using EFT in client sessions to address emotional reactivity, triggers, and traumatic events.

Workshop Trainer: Vivian Morgan MS, LCPC, Approved Clinical Supervisor

Vivian Morgan

Vivian Morgan has been working with children, young adults and families for over 25 years and is currently in private practice in Towson MD. She is the owner of True Balance Counseling Collective. She has been utilizing EFT in her practice for over 5 years and has helped instruct, inform, and promote the use of EFT for emotional reactivity, stress, anxiety, and trauma. She has completed the Level 1 Certication through EFT Universe, and has taken over 32 hours of EFT training. She presented an Introduction to EFT at the Maryland Counseling Association’s Annual Conference in October 2020. She is working towards her certification in EFT through the Association of Energy Psychology. Vivian utilizes mindfulness and trauma informed, as well as, client centered practices, along with CBT, brain based counseling, sand tray therapy. She incorporates a family systems lens when working with children and family of origin issues.


Introduction to EFT

Participants will have a solid understanding of the mechanisms at work with EFT and how to use this with clients presenting with stress, mood disorders, and it’s potential use with trauma. Participants will understand how to apply EFT in their private practice by: Being able to list and identify research to the practice of EFT Summarize the best practice of EFT in technique/application Be able to effectively describe and apply the practice of EFT to cases involving mood disorders, stress response, and trauma. Purchasers


What participants are saying about the Introduction to EFT Training:

“Thanks for having me at the training. It was wonderful & I was pleasantly surprised by what was accomplished in 3 hours! I’ll keep an eye out for the next one with the trauma focus. “