Workshops & Programs


Personal Mindfulness Practices:
A 3 part Series
Hosted by Vivian Morgan 

Mindfulness is helpful with anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation, and in developing attention. This series can be done with a significant other or with a family(up to 4 people in a session). We will cover the following in an interactive experience in the comfort of my office. Each session is 45 minutes, and the fee is $125 for each session:
  1. What is Mindfulness: Becoming mindful of thoughts and letting go. Mindful eating, mindful breathing.
  2. Mindful Emotional Practices: Labeling emotional feelings, developing compassion for ourselves. Using the SIFT method (Dan Siegle’s Sensing, Imaging, Feeling, Thinking) to address our inner emotional landscape.
  3. Mindful Physical Movements: Mindful activities involving movement and breathing, mindful practices like the body scan.
We will practice and process each session, and journaling is encouraged after the sessions. I will offer meditation practices and worksheets to take home to continue your practice!
If you are interested in learning more about Mindfulness, please call or email Vivian Morgan: or 443.377.0546


A Twist on the 12 Steps
Hosted by Monica Smith

Registration for A Twist on the 12 Steps is officially OPEN!
This program takes a wellness spin on the traditional 12 steps of recovery. While designed for those in recovery, it is open to anyone interested in well-being / resilience; previously partners and family members have attended along with those who did not identify with a specific addiction.

Two groups are being offered: Fully Virtual + In Person in Baltimore 
Contact Monica for the start date for the next workshop!
One-time payment of $299 or Deposit of $45 and 3 monthly payments of $100 

Details and registration information can be found here

I am offering free one-on-one sessions to anyone who is interested in finding out more about whether it would be a good fit – no obligations. 
Contact: Monica Smith | 443.543.6764


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Group
for Middle and High School Girls
Hosted by Vivian Morgan 

Vivian is certified in MBSR for teens and offers this group process that helps teens understand the origins of stress and how to manage it through meditation and yoga exercises.  
Each class will have the following process:
  • Sharing
  • Coping (Strategies)
  • Mindful Movements (Easy Yoga/Qigong)
  • Mindful Meditation (each session a new mindful exercise)
This process is designed for teen girls to learn and grow in the community of others going through the same experience.

Contact Vivian to find out when the next group is forming!
at True Balance Counseling Collective
$300 for series of 6 sessions

Contact Vivian Morgan | 443.377.0546